Bereth Avata

"The Wing, the Fang, the Presence; the Platinum Lady"


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Bereth Avata, level 26
Aasimar (Deva), Paladin (Cavalier), Valiant Cavalier, Saint
Virtue: Virtue of Sacrifice
Cavalier Option: Summoned Steed
Auspicious Birth (Auspicious Birth Benefit)
Theme: Knight Hospitaler

STR 25, CON 12, DEX 10, INT 12, WIS 15, CHA 23

STR 18, CON 10, DEX 8, INT 10, WIS 11, CHA 14

AC: 45 Fort: 42 Ref: 42 Will: 41
HP: 190 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 53

Diplomacy +24, Heal +20, Insight +20, Religion +21

Acrobatics +9, Arcana +14, Athletics +16, Bluff +19, Dungeoneering +15, Endurance +16, History +16, Intimidate +19, Nature +15, Perception +15, Stealth +9, Streetwise +19, Thievery +9

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Knight Hospitaler Utility: Shield of Devotion
Aasimar Racial Power: Divine Skill (Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes)
Multiple Class Utility: Defender Aura
Paladin Attack: Holy Smite
Paladin Attack: Righteous Radiance
Paladin Utility: Righteous Shield
Paladin Utility: Call Celestial Steed
Paladin Attack 1: Valiant Strike
Paladin Attack 1: Strike of Hope
Paladin Utility 2: Restore Vitality
Paladin Utility 6: Wrath of the Gods
Paladin Utility 6: Shield of Discipline
Paladin Utility 8: Spirit of the Virtuous Charger
Valiant Cavalier Attack 11: Beacon of Sacrifice
Valiant Cavalier Utility 12: Banner of Sacrifice
Paladin Attack 15: Avatar of Righteous Nobility
Paladin Utility 16: Divine Aegis
Paladin Attack 19: Smite the Soul
Valiant Cavalier Attack 20: Burden of Sacrifice
Paladin Utility 22: Shared Sacrifice
Paladin Attack 25: Discipline the Unruly
Saint Utility 26: Sanctified Revival

Level 1: Weapon Proficiency (Bastard sword)
Level 2: Heavy Blade Expertise
Level 4: Improved Defenses
Level 6: Heavy Armor Agility
Level 8: Mounted Combat
Level 11: Hero’s Poise
Level 12: Chosen Defender
Level 14: Focused Mind
Level 16: Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade)
Level 18: Fleet-Footed
Level 21: Divine Mastery
Level 21: Superior Initiative
Level 22: Punishing Radiance
Level 22: Improved Steed (Silver Dragon)
Level 24: Font of Radiance
Level 26: Epic Reflexes

Holy Avenger Bastard sword +5 x1
Dwarven Drakeplate Armor +6 x1
Amulet of Protection +6 x1
Heavy Shield x1
== End ==


Bereth Avata

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